• OpenCart Monthly Maintenance

A monthly maintenance plan covers most development, troubleshooting and updating of an OpenCart website which a client requires to be carried out on a monthly basis.

This maintenance plan includes:

    1. Troubleshooting and resolving any issues that the client comes across as far as CME Services is able to resolve these. There may be times where an extension is used and the code therein has some bugs - in these cases CME Services will attempt to fix these but the issue may ultimately need to go to the developer of the extension to be resolved. In most cases paid extensions have a 12month support window from the developer. Free extensions are a lottery in terms of support - sometimes you will get great support from a developer while at other times you won't even receive a reply to a query or request for help.
    2. All updates that may need to be carried out. This includes updating the core OpenCart version when needed. The only time that an update is necessary is when OpenCart identify a security vulnerability or if the hosting company updates the platform on which the server that the client site is hosted on runs. The PHP, MySQL and Apache versions are generally updated by the hosting company from time to time to keep up with new releases. Older versions of OpenCart may not run correctly on new software updates on the server. Generally updating from an older version of OpenCart to the latest is quite a procedure as the file and database structure can change and a lot of work has to be carried out to ensure that no issues are carried across to the new version. Normally CME Services would charge in the region of 20 hours for a site update, but this is included in this monthly maintenance plan.
    3. Installation and setup of any extensions that are required for the client OpenCart site. The cost of any paid extension would be for the client's account.
    4. A complete working copy of the client's OpenCart site will be setup off-site on an external drive that CME Services will maintain and use for testing purposes for any extensions and to resolve any troubleshooting issues.
    5. Creation of marketing 'flyers' in the form of images to a maximum of one per week.
    6. Setting up and sending of one weekly bulk email from the site that will contain this flyer and other info to customers captured on the site. A separate bulk email can also be sent from the site to a list of emails provided by Disa who are not captured as customers.
    7. Managing customer groups (creating, deleting, adding groups) and customers within these groups based on lists provided by the client in a Microsoft Excel file.
    8. Updating prices on the site based on lists provided by the client.
    9. Updating customer group discounts based on lists provided by the client.
    10. Adding and deleting products from Add to Quote if this extension is either purchased by the client or is an existing extension on the client's OpenCart website.
    11. The only item not included in the monthly maintenance plan is if the client needs to purchase a paid extension.
    12. This monthly maintenance agreement can be cancelled by the client at any time by sending an email to helpdesk@cmeservices.co.za and all future billing and support will cease from the current month end.

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    OpenCart Monthly Maintenance

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